You can afford our Machine

You can afford to be healthy and buy a Kangen Water Machine

Example: One gallon of water cost $1.00 from the dollar store. Two adults drinking one gallon each day equals $730.00. Now if you add two children that drink together another gallon a day plus a gallon a day for cooking that is another $730.00. Four gallons of water a day for one year is $1,460.00. Save the landfills and your health and invest in a machine. We have a few different machines. Our prices start at $2,380.00. Payments available.

Obesity or overweight is not a fat problem it is a over-acid problem.

Your not sick your thirsty.

Kangen water is clean and contains all the natural minerals your body needs. Other waters don’t.

Dry hair, dry lips etc means not enough water.

You know they say that acid kills the forests. What does acid do to your body?