Not just a Water Filter

Our machine is not a water filter. Your water filter doesn’t have healing benefits.

Company Enagic

  1. 34 year old privately held company.
  2. OEM (original equipment manufacturer)
  3. Top industry leader
  4. Notable endorsements and recognition.
  5. “A” Rated member of the better business bureau.
  6. Offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Honolulu, Canada, and Mexico. Coming to Philippines.

ISO – no ioners have that seal.

It is not a water filter. A water filter doesn’t kill bacteria.

Just like auto’s lots of brands on the market. Nothing like the SD501. Some companies even make more than one look alike. Ours is the only one endorsed by the Japanese.

Flagship Product Leveluk SD501

Makes 5 types of water

  1. Kangen (3different waters), Clean Water, Beauty Water, Strong Kangen Water and Strong Acidic Water.
  2. Approved as a medical device by Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare.
  3. 7 Platinum coated Titanium plates (over 1,000)
  4. Industries best automatic self cleaning system.
  5. Created medically approved Kangen grade Water.
  6. 15-20 years product life expectancy. They know there are machines out there that long.

Kangen Water Properties

  1. Anti Oxidation
  2. Micro Clustering
  3. Alkalinization

Anti Oxidation

Oxidation = The rusting Process. The cut apple turns browns. When that happens inside us it causes sickness and aging. Oxidation wreaks havoc in your DNA system. Again the apple or banana can tell you that.

Our water filters it, charges it, and splits it. Technology makes it the highest anti oxidant you can find.

Anti Oxidation – Anti inflammatory & Anti aging – water gets to cells and cleans them. That happens when tap water is run through our machine.

Alkaline = Health in body

Acid = Sickness in body

When a child is born they are alkaline because the mom’s  fluid is alkaline.

When you die you are acid.

If you drink to much wine you can drink a little alkaline water when you go to bed and no hangover.

A check done on cancer patients found that 100% of them were acidic. Dr Otto H

If you have a fever you are going to do something about it. Same with your body. If you acidic your going to do something about it. You have to balance the acid in your foods with alkaline water.

Dr Huromi Shimya invented the colon opsy. He can tell your age and what you eat by looking at your colon. He will tell you to drink Kangen Water.

Science fact not fiction

Removing acidic waste is more effective than diet and exercise.

You’re not sick you’re thirsty. Don’t treat thirst with medications.

Pharmacia’s companies are rich. Even in a bad market they never lose.

Wonder why.

All disease comes from the same root cause: to much acidity.

Without enough water your body goes acidic… goes into fat storing.

In Japan when someone gets a headache they wonder where it came from. Here they say where is the Motrin. A pill for every ill country we are.

Japanese longest living people in the world. Women first then men.

United States is # 38. We are below Cuba where they shoot people.

Water isn’t just water.

Wine isn’t just wine.

Gasoline isn’t just gas.

Dasani is a product of coke.

Aqufina is a product of Pepsi.

It will take you 32 cups of kangen water to put your body back after drinking 1 cup of soda.

Micro cluster splits the water and it becomes tiny.

11.5 water emulsifies breaks down the stuff on our fruits and veggies that cause oxidation.

9.5 comes out anti oxidant, anti inflammatory, very alkaline and micro cluster. Bad stuff comes out the other hose.

73 cents a day is what the SD501 would cost you even if it only lasted 15 years. Question is are you already spending more than that on your water.

Side effects of alkaline water are: head rush, detoxify, and sleep better. It hydrates your brain which produces melatonin and that helps you sleep better. Energy the next day.

Beauty water is 5.5 ph. Your skin is 5.5. Go to Macy’s or anywhere and ask them for some toner and what is in it. They will tell you 5.5 water.

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